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"I feel like I've hit the jackpot. Thanks for joining the Shoot fandom and gracing us with your talents! ily and good night! :)"

Awhh thanks! I’m just glad you are all enjoying it :D

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"Should I go to bed or shall I wait for SS? Criminal minds scared the shit outta me btw... T.T trying to get my mind off it. And SHOOT wedding au was sheer gold. Absolute gold."

Go to bed. This thing is now at 8000 words and I still have two and a bit scenes to do. Hopefully there will be a chapter waiting for you when you wake up :)

(And thanks! The meeting at a wedding au was fun to write!)


"Person of Interest" - Rewatch S03E02 “Nothing to Hide”

"You can’t expect me to shoot somebody on an empty stomach."
"I’d prefer you didn’t shoot anyone at all."
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"oh everyone is curled up in ball of despair alright, but we are loving every minute of it"

Ahahaha GOOD. Because I think it’s going to get worse.

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"Pandoras box. Theres hope for a third story to SS.. So HOPE, only thing left that keeps us away from a ball od despair. Ahhh HA! :D Please keep up the great work. Much Love!"

Yes, just keeping thinking of that word HOPE. You are going to need it :D

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"Gold star for you! And for the last chapter of SS being the longest!! Thumbs up for you bring such an amazing piece of writing into the world and making it less miserable to wake up to!! :D"

Awh, thank you.

Although I am surprised this story hasn’t made everyone curl up into a ball of despair.

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":O When is the next chapter of SS btw?? and Omg just thinking about the third story does things to me. 24 DAYS STILL POI S4!!! WE KNOW OUR GIRLS WEAR THOSE SASSY DRESSES IN THE VERY FIRST EP!! x3"

I was hoping today, but it’s ending up longer than I thought it would be. But, good news is, it looks like it might end up being the longest chapter yet. These two idiots and their issues and their inability to do feelings properly is taking awhile.


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"Oh sweet Lord!!! SS is magnificent!!!!! Literally can't get enough of it!!!! Such an amazing talent! Keep it up!! You always make my day when you post anything Shoot related! :D Just wanna say you're awesome!!!!!"


It always makes my day when I hear how much someone is enjoying reading it :D

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"That body disposing fic... sooo shoot. I can jist imagine it... One digs a hole, other uses it. HAHAHA"

The sweat was pouring from Shaw’s face, and she was pretty sure she must look horrendous, her bangs sticking to her forehead and dirt on her face just like it was under her fingernails. But eventually she was satisfied that she had dug down deep enough and she straightened up, tossing the spade aside and wiping at her forehead, once again cursing Cole under her breath. It wasn’t like she wasn’t capable of disposing of a body by herself, but it was late and she was tired and hungry and this would have gone a lot faster with some help. But, as usual, Cole’s squeamishness had gotten the better of him.

Shaw heard a sound behind her then, like a twig snapping, and she had her gun out immediately, head whipping up as she strained to see through the trees in the dark. Shaw moved further through the woods, towards where she thought the sound had come from, abandoning the dead body at her feet.

Her search found nothing though and eventually she headed back to her makeshift grave. She was not expecting to find anyone else there, let alone someone breathing, dragging their own dead body behind them.

What the hell? Shaw thought, tightening her grip on her gun.

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